What Doctors Need to Know About Vitamin Science

Vitamin Science Inc. was founded in 2001 by ophthalmologists, scientists and nutritionists devoted to improving ocular health through high quality nutritional products.

The company has several formulas for the treatment of macular degeneration as well as an oral supplement for reducing the symptoms of dry eyes and eye floaters.

It is one of the only nutritional supplement companies in the world to publish the online mission statement below.

VisiVite, ProVision and Dry Eye Relief

Mission Statement

Vitamin Science, Inc. will bring to market high quality ocular supplements made using premium ingredients, quality manufacturing practices (GMP), and independent corroborative testing to assess for purity and potency and easy tolerability. The creation of near-custom eye supplements will allow both patients and doctors to choose specific mixes of supplements and dosages based upon the following criteria:

Vitamin Science, Inc. will choose ingredient sources that doctors would not only choose for their own patients, but for themselves, including natural-origin whenever possible, no synthetic fillers, and no artificial colors.

Vitamin Science, Inc. will be fully truthful and transparent in verifying that its supplements meet label claims.

Vitamin Science, Inc. will responsibly market these supplements, whether by label, web site, printed material or TV/radio – in the clearest way possible to avoid confusion and to make customers partners in their own ocular health.

Vitamin Science, Inc. will be responsive to customer and physician comments and questions, which helps them and us.

Vitamin Science, Inc. will use the expert opinions of its physician founder, certified nutritionists, and leaders in the industry in the development of all its nutritional supplements.

Vitamin Science, Inc. will donate a proceeds of its sales to charitable endeavors that either promote research and development for eye health or those that provide eye care to those people who cannot readily afford or access quality eye care.