Vitamin Science specializes in the the manufacture of nutritional supplements for eye health. Current product lines include:


  • Launched in 2015
  • Not sold in stores or on the Internet
  • Only available from participating doctors’ offices
  • No artificial colors or synthetic fillers
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin from marigold flower extract
  • Zeaxanthin is industry-standard mixed isomers
  • Focused on improving patient compliance by selectively choosing quality industry standard sources of ingredients at economical price points


  • Launched November, 2001
  • Sold in doctors’ offices and on the Internet, with minimum advertised pricing requirements
  • No artificial colors or synthetic fillers
  • FloraGLO brand Lutein from marigold flowers
  • OmniXan brand natural R-R isomer Zeaxanthin from paprika
  • Vcaps Plus vegetarian capsules
  • Focused on providing choosy patients with premium brand-name, naturally-sourced ingredients