Provision Professional AREDS 2 Macular Health Formula - Bottle of 30 Capsules - 1 month supply

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Provision is primarily distributed through Qualified Eye Health Professionals and Pharmacies.

Professional AREDS2 Macular Health Formula by Vitamin Science, maker of VisiVite®

  • Quality Tested for Purity and Potency by our GMP-Certified Laboratory.
  • Convenient 30-Day Supply
  • Affordable for Patients: $15 per month
  • Two Easy-to-Swallow clear gelatin capsules daily
  • No Artificial Colors or Sugars

Includes 6 Key Antioxidants from the AREDS2 Calibrated in Precise Levels:

  1. Vitamin C: 500 mg
  2. Vitamin E: 270 mg Natural Vitamin E from plant oil
  3. Lutein (from Marigold flower extract): 10 mg
  4. Zeaxanthin(from Marigold flower extract): 2 mg
  5. Zinc: 40 mg
  6. Stabilized Microencapsulated Copper: 1 mg