Why ProVision?

Without compromising on our quality of manufacture, Vitamin Science proudly announces ProVision® AREDS 2, a professional macular health formula that is worthy of our VisiVite® pedigree, but aimed squarely at those patients who seek a more economical solution for their macular degeneration nutritional support. 

Here is why practices have already begun to dispense this exciting new formula:

  • Made in the same GMP-Certified facilities that make VisiVite®
  • Convenient 30-day supply bottles
  • Each case contains 24-bottles. Free shipping for 4 cases.
  • Clear gelatin capsules for easy tolerability
  • Primarily available to qualified eye doctors and health care providers. ]
  • Contains the 6 ingredients in AREDS2 with 40 mg daily zinc
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin derived from marigold flower extract.
  • Gluten-Free
  • NO artificial colors, sugars, artificial sweeteners, or chemical preservatives

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